Professional ECU Programmer BENCH 1.20 Read and Write ECU Via Boot BENCH V1.20 FLASH EEPROM New Version Bench 32 in 1 1.20

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BENCH ECU Programmer for BOOT and Bench Read and Write Please note: All series products do not have CD, please contact customer service to send download link after purchase, thank you very much   BENCH 32 IN 1 New Version!!! Support 32 modules that can be opened: 12,13,14,19,20,21,26,29,30,32,33,34,35,36,40,42,46,47,52,53,54,55,57,58,61,62,63,66,71,72,73,74 32 modules, support thousands of car brands, read and write ECU and GearBox ,power upgrade tool,clone ECU to read and write. Best chip tuning tools ! What is differences between BENCH , FLASH and OBD?
  • BenchBoot is the latest ECU programming tool for ECU read and write via Boot mode or on bench.
  • FLASHECU programmer can read the chip data, read & write ECU data. read transmission data etc. at a high speed.
  • OBDprogrammer was born for reading chip data, reading and writing data of ECUs and a few types of gearbox. Read/write data by OBD.Supports most Japanese cars
ECU programming tool BEHCH OBD FLASH
Language English, Russian English, Russian English, Russian
Run USB dongle and  software USB Dongle and software USB Dongle and software
Operating system Window XP;
Windows 7; Windows 10;
Window XP;
Windows 7; Windows 10;
Window XP;
Windows 7; Windows 10;
Speed High High High
Risk Less risk Less risk Risky
Method via Boot
on Bench (no need to open the cover)
via OBD Most ECUs need to be disassembled for r/w
ECU disassemble NO NO Most yes!
ECU read/write Yes Yes Yes
Gearbox or transmission read/write NO Yes, only a few Yes
Chip read/write NO Yes Yes
  In conclusion: All programming tools above can be used for ECU read and write, but differs in ECU coverage and Read/Write method. There is NO LIMITS of the car model and year when using BENCH to read/write data. But if you have chips and gearboxes to read and write, you should have a FLASH. The bad is: disassembling is required. BENCH doesn’t cover chips and gearboxes and OBD cannot not work good for gerabox Read/Write. So, you’d better check the ECU/gearbox/chip before your purchase. Check each car list on corresponding product page.  
Please Pay Attention for Bench Installation Tips:
1.Please MUST first step to install driver file first and then connect the unit hardware to computer later at second step.
DO NOT plug hardware to unit before install driver and computer detect driver.
If customer plug hardware to PC occasionally, please unplug off hardware and uninstall driver. Then follow my first step to install driver file first and then connect hardware box to PC.
CD have video instruction, please follow it and install. Thank you very much in advance.
2.If buyer install in right way and still meet problem about driver can not detect or shows error with software ,then please try another computer with Different System . Do not try same system always .
Sometimes it is your computer system can’t compatible.
3.Please must ONLY use our software ,Do not use other software from online or somewhere, it can not supports.
Please disconnect internet, do not update yourself . If locked, buyer need pay cost to send back repair. Do not risk this ,thank you .
1. NO LIMITS of the car model and year + NO NEED disassemble ECUs Read and write for Bos** ECUs (Infin***’s chips) incl. flash and eeprom
2. LESS RISK to clone/copy ECUs Able to modify data or do chip tuning to achieve superior performance
3. MUCH CHEAPER, compared with the same functional tools The price is 1/10 of other programming tools in the market
BENCH Support:
Cover for BMW N20, N55, N63, etc. to change or read/write ISN codes (done with other tools)
Cover for Bentley MED17.1.1 to read/write immo data
Cover the latest for Jaguar MED17.8.32
Cover for VW MED17.5.5, MED17.5.22, MED17.5.25
ALL can be done without ECU disassembling Good equipment of high quality and with the best technology
Professional service and good efficiency
Read and write an ECU in two ways: BOOT and Bench
Read/Write an ECU via BOOT:
For Infin****: TC1762/TC1766 MICRO (1504KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1762/TC1766 EEPROM (32KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1792/TC1796 MICRO (2048KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1796 MICRO+EXT (4096KB/6144KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1796 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1796 EEPROM (128KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1792 EEPROM (64KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1738/TC1767 MICRO (2048KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1738/TC1767 EEPROM (64KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1797 MICRO (4096KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1797 MICRO+EXT (6144KB/8192KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1797 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1797 EEPROM (64KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1724/TC1728 MICRO (1536KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1724/TC1728 EEPROM (64KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1782/TC1784 MICRO (2560KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1782/TC1784 EEPROM (128KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1793/TC1798 MICRO (4096KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1793/TC1798 MICRO+EXT (6144KB/8192KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1793/TC1798 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) (permanent)
For Infin****: TC1793/TC1798 EEPROM (192KB) (permanent)
For Bos**: For BMW/for MB/For VAG GPT (permanent)
For Bos**: For Ford/For Opel/For VOLVO GPT (permanent)
For Bos**: For BMW TPROT8+ (permanent)
For Bos**: For VAG TPROT8+ (permanent)
For Bos**: For KIA/For HYUNDAI/For Honda TPROT8+ (permanent)
For Bos**: For Chrysler/For Jeep/For Dodge/For Fiat TPROT8+ [Test] (permanent)
For Bos**: VAZ/UAZ ME17.9.71 (permanent)
For Bos**: China ME17.8.8 (permanent)
For Contin*****: For KIA/For HYUNDAI/For SsangYong SIM2K-24X/C201 (permanent)
For Contin*****: For Ford EMS2204 (permanent)
For Contin*****: For Ford EMS2207 (permanent)
For Contin*****: For Ford EMS2211 (permanent)
For Contin*****: For Ford SID208 (permanent)
For Contin*****: For Ford SID209 (permanent)
For Contin*****: For Ford Mondeo 4 SID807EVO (permanent)
For Contin*****: For Ford Focus 3/Transit Connect SID807EVO (permanent)
For Contin*****: For Citroen/For Peugeot SID208 (permanent)
For KIA/For HYUNDAI: For Del*** MT86 EEPROM (16KB) (permanent)
For Mercedes-Benz: For Del*** CRD3.1 EEPROM (32KB) (permanen
Read/Write an ECU on BENCH (without disassembling an ECU)
ECUs covered:
For Bos**_MED17.1.62_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17C60_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For PSA
For Bos** ME17.5.26 TC1724 For VAG e-GPT
For Bos**_EDC17CP57_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For Mercedes
For Bos**_EDC17C69_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_FCA
For Bos**_EDC17CP04_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17CP14_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17C19_IROM_TC1792_EGPT_For Opel
For Bos**_EDC17CP02_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_EDC17CP10_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_MEB
For Bos**_EDC17CP09_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_EDC17CP01_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_MEB
For Bos**_EDC17CP22_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VOLVO
For Bos**_EDC17CP24_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17CP20_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_MEDV174_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_For PSA
For Bos**_EDC17CP05_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For Ford
For Bos**_MEDV174_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For PSA
For Bos**_MEVD17.2_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_MED17.1_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17C10_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For PSA
For Bos**_EDC17CP45_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_EDC17CP10_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_MEB
For Bos**_EDC17CV52_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_for DEUTZ
For Bos**_EDC17C18_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_For Opel
For Bos**_EDC17C10_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For Ford
For Bos**_MED17.1.1_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17C46_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_ME17.9.11_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_For KIA_For HYUNDAI
For Bos**_MED17.1.1_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17C42_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_For NISSAN
For Bos**_EDC17CP22_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VOLVO
For Bos**_EDC17C53_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_for MAHINDRA
For Bos**_ME17.7.8_TC1797_EGPT_IROM_MEB
For Bos**_ME17.9.21_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_K
For Bos**_EDC17C53_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_for MAHINDRA
For Bos**_MED17.0.1_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_For Ford
For Bos**_EDC17CV42_IROM_TC1797_EGPT
For Bos** ME17.3.0 TC1724 EGPT FAL
For Bos**_MED17.3.3_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_FAL
For Bos**_EDC17C53_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_SAME
For Bos**_MED17.1.61_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17CP14_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17C41_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_EDC17C50_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_EDC17C56_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_EDC17CP49_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_ME17.9.74_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_for POLARIS
For Bos**_EDC17C64_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_MEVD172G_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_MEVD1728_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_EDC17CP48_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For VOLVO
For Bos**_MED17.8.31_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For JAGUAR_for LR
For Bos**_EDC17C59_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_For Opel
For Bos**_MED17.5.2_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_MED17.5.21_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_MED17.5.5_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_ME17.5.24_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17C74_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_ME17.8.3_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_for MCLAREN
For Bos**_MED17.3.4_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For MASERATI
For Bos**_EDC17C66_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For Mercedes
For Bos**_MED17.7.5_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For Mercedes
For Bos**_MED17.5.5_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17CP14_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17CP47_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For Opel
For Bos**_MEVD17.2.3_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For BMW_MINI
For Bos**_MED17.1_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17C84_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_For NISSAN
For Bos**_MED17.5.25_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_MED17.8.31_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_for ASTONMARTIN
For Bos**_MED17.4.4_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For PSA
For Bos**_EDC17CP68_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For VOLVO
For Bos**_ME17.9.21_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_for DUCATI
For Bos**_EDC17C73_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For TOYOTA
For Bos**_ME17.5.6_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_ME17.1.1_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_MED17.1.11_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_for PORSCHE
For Bos**_MED17.1.21_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17CP50_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For HONDA
For Bos**_MED17.9.3_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For HONDA
For Bos**_EDC17C79_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_FCA
For Bos**_MED17.3.5_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_FCA
For Bos**_MED17.9.7_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_For JAGUAR_for LRV
For Bos**_EDC17CV42_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_for MAN
For Bos**_MEDC17.9_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For JAGUAR_for LR
For Bos**_EDC17C70_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For Ford
For Bos**_MED17.2_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_For Ford
For Bos**_MED17.1.27_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_MED17.9.63_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_for SUZUKI
For Bos**_EDC17C49_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_ALL_for BRAND
For Bos**_EDC17C76_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_ME17.5.20_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17C54_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_EDC17C53_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_for MAHINDRA
For Bos**_EDC17CP65_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For Ford
For Bos**_EDC17C69_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_for FCA
For Bos**_ME17.9.64_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_For SUZUKI
For Bos**_ME17.9.52_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_For TOYOTA
For Bos**_ME17.9.71_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_For PSA
For Bos**_ME17.9.23_IROM_TC1724_EGPT
For Bos**_ME17.7_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_for MEB
For Bos**_MED17.1.10_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For VAG
For Bos**_ME17.9.71_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_For PSA
For Bos** ME17.5.22 TC1724 For V-A-G e-GPT
For Bos**_EDC17CP05_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For Ford
For Bos**_MED17.0.7_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_For Ford
For Bos**_MEVD1784_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_For BMW
For Bos**_EDC17C83_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For ISUZU
For Bos**_MED17.8.32_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_For JAGUAR_for LR
For Bos**_MED17.7.7_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_for MEB
For Bos**_ME17.9.53_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_For TOYOTA
For Bos**_ME17.8.33_IROM_TC1793_for MCLAREN
If buyer need details supported list ,please contact us ,we will send you .
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